Discover How We Help Busy Parents In NE Ohio Go From Hating To LOVING The Person Looking Back In The Mirror Without Rabbit Food Diets And Killing Themselves In The Gym....


Here at The Renegade Boot Camp at Fit Fast Personal Training Center in Kirtland, we don't train bodybuiders or fitness models. 

Just busy parents who want to lose weight without spending hours at a time in the gym or eating rabbit food for 10 meals a day! 

Hence our Fit(ish) approach. We know your busy with kids, work, social life, and ya know, stuff. And we want you to ENJOY LIFE, as well as your wokouts, so we don't ask you to sacrifice all your time and effort to try and look like a super model. If you have 10-50+ lbs. lose, we will help you reach your goal! 

What's The Renegade Boot Camp All About?

We are a unique group of individuals who come to train, laugh, and have fun together, PLUS get awesome results and make some new friends in the process! It's not always comfortable to start something new, so we make it as simple as possible to start losing weight and feeling better without killing you during sessions or making you feel stupid. And here is what you will get when you join.....

Simple, easy to follow, "anti-rabbit food" nutrition plan

Chicken and broccoli for 5 meals a day just plain SUCKS! So you won't have to eat like a rabbit all day PLUS we include cheat days so you can enjoy your favorite chocolate, pizza, fries, and booze and STILL lose weight and get fit(ish) ;)!

A FUN, motivating atmosphere 

No meatheads in tank tops yelling at you or chicks that look like fitness models running around in sports bras. ALL of our members are COOL because we have a 100% no douchebag policy. Most members are 40-55 yr. olds who are going through the SAME things you are, and will help you every step of the way 

Small group sizes

We keep our sessions small(12 or less), which allows us to give you LOTS of personal coaching so you'll never feel lost or out of place, even if you haven't worked out in YEARS, which most of our new members hadn't when they started, so the whole "awkward first workout" is out the door

Members only "field trips"

As much fun as we have at the gym, sometimes it's nice to get out, kick back, and enjoy some "leisure time" together. So once a month we have members only field trips to places like breweries, casino, canoeing, gun range, wineries, and everything in between!

UNLIMITED access to all our scheduled Boot Camp times

We have convenient training times of 6 am, 9 am, and 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday, as well as Saturdays at 9 am and you will have access to any and all of them during your trial month

FAST, efficient workouts

Our sessions last no more than 45 minutes at a time. So you won't have to sacrifice countless, mind-numbing hours in the gym just to lose a few pounds. We incorporate simple weight training with fast and efficient conditioning methods to get you in and out QUICKLY while still getting a GREAT workout!

Motivation and support 

Tried different programs in the past and just can't seem to stay motivated? We work with you to get and STAY motivated during your weight loss journey. Sometimes something as simple as someone holding you accountable can make all the difference between success and failure! 

Mindset "hacks"

As important as it is to get your body fit and healthy when starting a fitness program, it's just as(or more) important to develop a healthy mindset. We help you do that with simple tips and tricks to help your grow not only physically, but mentally as well. And when you combine a GREAT mindset with a sold fitness and nutrition plan...YOU WIN! 

“After having kids it seemed damn near impossible to get back to "pre-pregnancy" weight. I tried everything from Weight Watchers to crazy lemon juice detoxes, and nothing worked in the long run. After joining The Renegade Boot Camp, I dropped over 40 POUNDS and have kept it off for the last 3 YEARS! Total life changer. Being Fit(ish) is more than enough for me to look and finally feel great about myself again! I can't thank Paul and the crew enough!"

— Chris A., 51, Willoughby*

The Renegade Boot Camp WILL help you lose weight, look and feel better, and get you back into your FAVORITE pair or jeans or shirt, BUT....

We don't let just anyone into our group. As stated before, we have a 100% no douchebag policy, and we have to make sure ANYONE who comes through the doors here is a good fit to become one of the Fitness Renegades. 

So click the button below and fill out your info. You will then be sent a short application form to fill out to ensure that you are in fact, cool. Then we will get in touch ASAP to schedule your first session.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located? 

Our address is 9264 Chillicothe Rd., Kirtland. We are about 2 miles south of Rt. 90, just South of Kirtland High School

2. How often should I come?

As long as you can make it to 3 sessions a week, you WILL see results. Anything more than that is a bonus. 

3. What do we "do" during workouts?

For each session, we start the workout with a emphasis on strengthening, followed by conditioning at the end. We also split up body part days, doing lower body on Monday and Thursday, upper body on Tuesday and Friday, and abs/conditioning on Wednesday and Saturday.

4. What if I have an old/nagging injury?

With our small groups, it allows our coaches to work around just about ANY old ache or pain and STILL deliver an awesome workout. If you can't do a particular exercise, we always have something you CAN do to substitute so you can progress FAST without hurting yourself. 

5. What's the investment AFTER my first 2 weeks?

It will depend on what exactly you want to accomplish, but our memberships usually come out to less than $12/session, which is about 1/4 the price of hiring a traditional "personal trainer" who will just count reps for you whilst hitting on chicks in the gym and checking himself out in the mirror(you know what I mean?). 

*DISCLAIMER: Although these results ARE typical, you must be willing to put in the work in order to get them. If you are ready for REAL change, then this program WILL work for you. If not, then it won't. 

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